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Accessories   Making the process complete

Wine Bottles 750 ml - Clear and Green - $1.10 each

30 Bottles - $33.00

Bag Your Wine! (displayed in store)

3 different sizes and styles for bag in a box wines:

10 Bottles Bags

Wine on Tap Unit - $17.70 (includes a free wine on tap bag)

Wine on tap bags ( holds equivalent of 10- 750ml bottles) - $3.33 each

5 Bottles Bags

Wine Box Unit $5.00

Wine on tap bags $2.00 each (holds equivalent of 5-6 bottles)

4 Bottle bags

Save Water Drink Wine Bags (stand up on their own when filled)

$3.75 (holds equivalent of 4 bottles)

Preprinted Wine Labels - $3.99 pack of 30

Corks and Shrink Caps Included

Applicable Taxes Not Included

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